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at the Intentional Organiser we offer:
auDHD life & organisational coaching, articles, resources & disability-friendly cleaning services. 
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Mary is a late-diagnosed auDHDer with over 7 years experience as a professional organiser specialising in solutions that will help you overcome executive functioning, working memory, sensory processing and demand avoidance challenges. She offers a holistic coaching service to help her mentees simplify, streamlline, outsource, declutter & prioritise. Her holistic approach will support you to regulate your nervous system & heal from chronic burnout & overwhelm through a range of supportive strategies. The home environment has an underappreciated impact on mental and physical wellbeing.

The first step in crafting a life you want is to get rid of everything you don't.

Joshua Becker


Intentional living is about having a conscious relationship with your stuff whereby every single item you own is something you have intentionally chosen because it adds great value to your life.

Clearing the clutter and putting your space into alignment with your neuro-type, allows you to realise your goals and full potential in life with greater ease and flow.


Do you work for your home or does it work for you?

Mary Lochert Professional Organiser


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Mary offers auDHD organisational & life coaching delivered via video link or phone call. After 7 years of specialised professional organisation , working in people's homes to make practical and sustainable change, and many years in the disability support sector, Mary has developed a wealth of knowledge and tried and tested strategies that change lives. Her knowledge area includes, escaping overwhelm overwork followed by burnout cycles, executive functioning hacks, Neurodivergent friendly home organisation, time management, demand avoidance strategies, email management and more.. This is a NDIS Friendly Service which can be claimed under the counselling line item where you have aligned goals. Click through to make a booking today.

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The Intentional Organiser is your go-to solution for a clean and sparkling home! Services available in Adelaide North or South. Our honest, friendly and capable cleaners go beyond the basics like some other cleaning services, who just work to a prescribed list. Our staff actually care and will put their efforts in to the highest standards to get your home under control again and looking amazing. Available to privately paying, self or plan managed clients.



The Intentional Organiser offers auDHD coaching, articles and resources (coming soon) & home cleaning services in Adelaide northern & southern suburbs.


Mary Lochert established The Intentional Organiser as a professional organisation business in 2017 and since then has helped hundreds of clients change their lives through decluttering and organisation. She is now using her expertise as a holistic auDHD coach.

We also offer disability friendly cleaning to our clients. No matter the client, and their level of need, we are flexible and holistic in our approach, tailoring to our clients' goals and needs. 


We can't wait to help you get organised, and transform your home into a clear, calm oasis!




 Some of Mary's previous PO work....

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Adelaide, South Australia

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