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Mary can transform any space in your home. Help to: 


  • declutter and 'let go' of what no longer serves you

  • organise and style any space in your home

  • changing habits and building routines

  • decluttering and packing to move house

  • Unpacking and setting up home right from the start

Thank you soo much for your professional declutter and organising skills today Mary Lochert!


I have been so overwhelmed on where and how to start, but you certainly helped so much with the process that I have been putting off for over 10 years!!


I can’t believe how neat, tidy and beautiful my pantry and plastics drawers look!!!..


Loved working with you today, you were a pleasure to have in my house; your easy going manner and lovely smile made it a lot less stressful for me.


Can’t wait to get you back again to help with the rest of the house!


Thank you xx

- Megan


 Big, small, walk-in, Butler's, corner cupboards, glass jars, Tupperware - whatever the space, Mary can make it magical, spacious and totally Insta-worthy!


An expertly organised & styled pantry is one of the easiest spaces to maintain pristinely and don't be surprised if you find yourself opening the doors just to gaze at your perfectly organised pantry in admiration!


You will eat healthier, cook more creatively, shop wiser and waste less. What is not to love?!


Thank you so much Mary for helping me organise my kitchen into a beautiful, user-friendly and maintainable space!!! Great working with you!

- Alison



Everyone needs a sanctuary to undertake soul-satisfying interests, a retreat from the relentless pace of modern life.  Wendy's life is especially hectic life with 3 kids, a mobile veterinarian clinic and a hubby also running a business. A busy lifestyle as well as a knee injury meant Wendy needed some support to transform her converted shipping container into the dream space she dreamed of. Browse through the slideshow to check out the transformation from crowded to creative bliss.

Mary is absolutely amazing at what she does and I highly recommend booking in a session with her.


My sessions with Mary have been so beneficial for me and have changed my life for the better, from organising and decluttering my home to how I feel within.


An eye opening experience that now carries on with me day to day as I live and make all my decisions with the intention of living simply and happily.


Thank you Mary!!!

- Nadia (Virtual Coaching Client)



It's no secret that having kids is a messy business. While we want kids to be kids and not live in a display home, mess can easily encroach on the entire household and negatively affect the entire family unit. Toys and clutter can quickly mount up and take over, causing chaos and overwhelm. I can quickly declutter your space and set up systems and instil routines to keep the peaceful equilibrium long-term.

Read about the amazing flow-on effects Chelsea's family felt after just one Professional Organisation session below...

So after the crazy from Christmas, who can honestly say that their kids’ bedrooms stayed clean?


Well mine did and it is all because Mary Lochert came over the week before Christmas and helped me get my head around the organisation solutions needed to keep their bedroom looking clean every day. We gave away a full wagon boot-load of toys and clothes and created the perfect little systems that are so easy to follow. Even Amelie loves to tidy up and can easily access all her clothes and help put away her washing. Because I didn’t have to spend hours cleaning their bedroom, I was able to get all the kitchen cleaned and decluttered.


Thank you so much Mary, you have made the Christmas pack away a breeze x.


Edit to add: before Mary came, Amelia would not go to bed, she would fight us all night long about having to go to sleep. Maddison would wake up 3-4 times a night and scream if we didn’t put her into bed with us. 


Since the very first night (after Mary came), Maddison went to bed at 7.30pm and slept all night long (which means I slept all night or the first time in over 12 months. Amelia went to bed at 8pm and went straight to sleep, no problems! They then SLEPT IN meaning our adorable little alarms didn’t wake us up and Shannon was late for work oops. But it just goes to show how a neat and tidy space creates a calm environment for them to get to sleep and actually have a good long night’s sleep.


Sorry this is super long but I’m just in awe of Mary and all that she did for us as a family. There is no more yelling in the morning about where clothes are or where have the wipes gone lol. I could go on and on about all the benefits this has had x. 


- Chelsea

after intray.jpg


Mary helped me get my office in order so that I could productively pick and pack my online orders! Working from home /running a business with 2 little kids I really needed some organisation and systems in place to be efficient.


I have learnt so much from Mary and am slowly but surely chipping away at the other areas in my house. Her service is a great investment and you will feel the flow on effects in other areas of your home/ life! Thanks Mary!

Jacks, The Almond Farmer



While we always begin a project by decluttering, we never end there; Mary will help you not only identify what is no longer inspiring you or serving you, she will help you create a wardrobe and intentional style that expresses your true inner style and suits your body shape with exclusive 101 in-home wardrobe consultations.

I was feeling overwhelmed with a houseful of ‘stuff’ and wanted to declutter my home but I didn’t know where to start. As an empty nester with 20+ years of stuff accumulated, it just seem like a huge undertaking. The more I tried, the bigger mess I created!...

To be honest, I’m amazed at the affect a decluttered and organised wardrobe has had on my sense of wellbeing. It has had such a calming influence. These days, not only is my wardrobe beautifully organised, simple and sustainable, but I look at clothes, dressing and shopping completely differently now.  


Everything in my wardrobe fits and it gives me joy. Deciding what to wear and getting ready in the morning is no longer an unpleasant hassle. 


Reach out to Mary and take advantage of her services. You too will be surprised at how much of a difference decluttering makes.  


Thank you Mary, I’m applying what you taught me to other areas of the house now.

- Victoria


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