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Q I’ve never hired a professional organiser, how do the sessions work?


A Every professional organiser has a different process. This is how a session with me generally works:


We start by having a chat over the phone (or even Facebook messenger - a lifesaver for busy mums) and we do an initial assessment of your needs and space based on our conversation and supportive photos. An initial home-assessment is also an option although that can usually be done during our first session.


On the day of service, I come to your home with my organising kit and sometimes the containers we need (if you choose to opt for my Shopping Service). We generally sit down and have a quick cuppa and chat and do a tour of your space. 

Then we begin! Usually we start by getting stuck into the decluttering phase together. When we get to the organising phase, we can continue to work together or I can work more independently, depending on the job type and how much input is required. Some jobs are more ‘coaching’ based while others are more ‘organising’ based and thus more independent work is possible. For example, I can complete a pantry 95% independently whereas a craft room with intricate sundry equipment may need more client input. It really depends on your needs, goals and the complexity of the stuff we are dealing with. All of this will be figured out in the initial assessment.
















Are labels included?





A Yes





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