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Q What are your fees? Are they based on an hourly rate or do you work until the job is completed?


A Fees are based on an hourly rate of $75, with a 10% discount on services paid for upfront. Payment plans are available on application.

I do not guarantee that a space will be 100% completed in the designated time session. There are too many factors that influence how long a job will take to complete, including the pace at which the client wishes to work, the level of clutter and the complexity of the space. Therefore, I can give only give an estimation of how long a space will take to complete. I always check in with the client 1 hour before a session is due to finish. If the room cannot be completed within the time provided, a follow-up session is booked or the client can choose complete the space. In the latter case, I set up the space and give clear instructions, so it is a very straight forward process.

Q Do I need to be present for the entire session?

A  Usually but not always. It is necessary for the client to work alongside me during the decluttering phase, or, they can opt to have me make an educated guess on what needs to be discarded, but the final decision must be made by the client (the latter option is less advisable). By working alongside me, you will learn organising skills which you can then apply to your home. You will learn how to shift emotional blocks and entrenched habits to let go of things that no longer serve you (I never force a client to part with anything). 


During the organisation or styling phase, I work quite independently. I do have to check in with the client a few times per session to ensure that the space is set up in a way that is optimal to their needs so the client needs to be home or easily contactable by phone.


Q Which regions do you service?


A I am based in the south of Adelaide (Christies Beach) but I travel all over Southern Adelaide, and within a 40 km radius of Christies Beach at no cost. If you live beyond this radius, a Travel Fee of $20 per session applies. 


Travel fees for country SA areas will be provided on application (you might also consider a session via video link).


When do I need to make payment?


A For in-home services, an $100 deposit must be made on all bookings. Bigger deposits may be needed if large amount of storage containers need to be purchased. Invoices must be paid prior to the session commencing. All accounts must be settled within 3 days of receiving the invoice and the deposit will be credited on the last invoice of a block of sessions. You also can opt for a payment plan and pay for your service package in 4 easy payments (pay online). Services can also be paid for upfront in a single transaction to receive 10% off.


Initial phone and email assessments are provided at no cost. Initial scoping in-home assessments are free for those who live within 20km of Christies Beach and go on to book a 4 hour plus session otherwise they are charged at the standard rate of $75 per hour plus travel where relevant.

Online workshops and virtual coaching sessions are to be purchased online through our booking page (payment plans are also available).

Q Can I cancel or change dates for my session?


Yes, but I do have a Cancellation Policy which is as such: If an individual cancelssession and does not rebook, they will lose their deposit OR be charged a $50 cancellation fee barring exceptional circumstances. If they give more than 3 days’ notice and rebook their session they will not be charged, and the deposit will be returned on the final invoice.


Clients must give at least 3 days’ notice for changes to bookings or cancellation of a session. On-the-day-of-service cancellations will lead to a 50% charge on the hours booked, so please avoid changing or cancelling a session if you wish to avoid incurring a fee.

Q Are storage containers included?


A No they are an additional cost. Where practical or desired I can re-use the client’s own containers. If new storage containers need to be purchased before the session, I may require a larger deposit to cover this cost. Shopping can be completed by the client on recommendations provided by myself during the initial consultation and assessment. I can also do shopping during the session as part of the hourly rate. Shopping done outside a session is usually charged at a flat rate per shopping session.


The Basic Shopping Fee is $20 and covers trips to up to 2 locations of local (southern-based) shops and no more than 1 trolley-full of items.  The VIP Shopping Fee is $40 covers larger quantities of items (up to 2 trolleys full) and up to 3 locations OR 1 trip out of my local zone i.e. to Ikea/Howard's Storage World. I cannot pick up anything that cannot fit in my car so delivery must be arranged and paid for in these instances.


Any more complicated shopping requirements than those stated will be charged at the hourly rate of $75 an hour. The Shopping Fees include product research, quotes, returns and exchanges on the items purchased during that trip. I also occasionally pick up minor purchases from Kmart for free if I need to go that way for another job so check in on that. Returns on items that are unused/unneeded will be credited on the invoice. Receipts are passed on to the clients at the last session of a service package.


Are labels included?


 Dymo labels, chalk labels & paint pen labels are covered by the hourly rate. Visual clothes and toy labels, and swing tags (for baskets) are available for purchase at a low cost (see my online store for examples of visual labels). Custom vinyl labels can be ordered through a third party or you can provide your own labels. Please let me know in your initial consultation if you would like to order custom labels as they may take a week or so to arrive.


Q Will you take care of the donations and rubbish?

A Yes and for no extra cost I can take at least 2 garbage bags of donations per session for charity drop-off (to the charity of my choice). I also take any soft plastic packaging incurred from our session to Redcycle and non-expired foods to Foodbank as part of my sustainable business model for no added cost. I can drop of electrical or chemical waste (at my discretion) for a small fee.


I do not provide garbage bags for my clients as they do not fit with my sustainable business model, but I am happy to use those provided by client where there is no alternative. Client must provide cardboard boxes, reusable plastic bags (which donation centres can reuse) or garbage bags for rubbish and donations. I can provide referrals or book hard rubbish or donation pick up on your behalf during our session but I do not have any connection with or responsibility for these third-party services. I do not do heavy lifting of furniture or other items.


Q What is your availability?


A I am available during the following hours for in-home services in Adelaide:


Monday 9am – 5pm


Tues 10 am- 2pm


Wed 10 am – 2pm


Thurs – fortnightly 10am – 2pm


I am available some evenings after 8pm and weekends for virtual sessions.


I may be available Fridays, weekends, and out of hours only on application.

+61 478 574 333

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