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In-home decluttering, organisation, styling, coaching and advice.

(This information is for privately funded Sessions - If you are NDIS funded click here )


Would you like your home transformed from a cluttered and chaotic mess to a clear and organised oasis? If so, The Intentional Organiser is for you!

If you are feeling overwhelmed, cluttered, disorganised or frazzled, let us help you.


Our friendly team of Professional Organiser and Coaches are on hand to help you transform your space from cluttered, disorganised and uninspired to calm, functional and authentically you. 

We can declutter, organise and style any room in your home or work space including:

  • Pantry/Kitchen

  • Office/paper work

  • Garage

  • Kid's room

  • Playroom

  • Craft/Creative space

  • Master Bedroom/Wardrobe

  • Linen Closet

  • and more!

How our Service Works

The members of our Professional Organisation (PO) team don't just stage a pretty Instagram space but are highly-trained Declutter & Organisational Coaches who want you to experience the life-changing magic of living intentionally.


But pretty is good too right? We can not only make your space look fantastic and organised but also teach you how to keep it that way!

We will help you simplify and take control of your home- by aligning your home environment with your personal goals and values, you can finally reach your potential.


To make changes actually stick and be tailored for you, we do with rather than do for (depending on the project of course). We will take the lead and handle the bulk of the work especially when we can work independently (like with pantries for example) but we also want you to have sustainable change in your home so in a lot of circumstances we take a coaching approach.


This means that you not only get holistic solutions that are tailored to your needs, personality and habits but also you are able to learn from an expert organiser about how to declutter and maintain your own space. Going forward you will be able to complete future projects with greater confidence, keeping you moving forward beyond the sessions and preventing the bounce-back to clutter and bad habits that can come with less experienced service providers. 


Yay to sustainable life-changing organisation and a beautiful space to boot!​

What do you need help with?

Our highly capable PO team are skilled across a range of areas and are able to help with chronic clutter and disorganisation, provide interpersonal coaching and motivation, skills-building, complete aesthetically pleasing organisation projects, support people complex health or disability challenges, overwhelm and more.


You may have a clear priority in mind for your home already but if you aren't sure where or how to start, here are project ideas to get your started:

  • Creating an insta-worthy pantry.

  • Decluttering and creating a beautiful capsule wardrobe where everything fits and integrates. 

  • A whole home assessment and checkable Action Plan to organisationally DIY.

  • A pared back and engaging play space for your children where they can be more creative and pack up with ease. 

  • Your precious photographs  & memorabilia stored and displayed with love

  • Non-judgemental support for chronic disorganisation or trouble 'letting go'. 

  • Skill building and 'executive functioning hacks' if you struggle with organisation.( Please read more about our disability friendly services here. )

  • Help moving home - to declutter and pack up the old house so you are not taking clutter with you and/or unpack and set up your house 'right' from the start. 

  • Declutter and tidy for a rental inspection.

  • A zero-waste home set up with systems and habits for sustainable living.

  • Online mindset and accountability coaching through Zoom.

Whatever your organising or decluttering project, we are happy to help. Fill out the enquiry form to get  started!

Pricing & Availability

Declutter & Organise sessions are available in pre-purchased blocks of 4, 5 and 6 hours. We are currently available on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Most  projects/spaces will take 2 x 5 hour sessions but it does vary depending on the project, levels of clutter and many other variables. While we don't quote, we are happy to look at photos of your space and advise how many sessions we think it may take to complete the project.

Included in every session is donation drop-off time (yay we take the clutter with us!), soft plastics and small e-waste/battery drop off (sustainability yeah?!). Garbage bags, basic label-maker labels, compost bags (for pantries) are also included at no extra cost. 


Our Packages & Pricing


(Containers and shopping time are not included in session prices)

"The Four Hour Power Session" - $440


This is a great amount of time to clear clutter or to organise a small space like a linen closet, fridge/freezer, kitchen cupboards, a craft closet, small pantry or kid's bedroom. Shorter sessions are also great for a session with a decluttering focus which can be emotionally taxing to do over a long session time.

"The Two Pack" - 2 x five hour sessions - $1100

Our most popular package size. Two sessions is enough time to complete most medium sized rooms/projects with medium levels of clutter or 2 smaller spaces. Having two sessions booked is ideal because it provides an opportunity to tweak the space to perfection across two sessions (we can come back to the second session with anything additional we identified you may need in the first session). Examples of spaces we usually organise over 2 sessions are; garages, butlers/walk in pantries, cluttered playrooms, bedroom plus wardrobe or living areas.

"The Deep Dive" 4 x 4 hour sessions -  $1760

If you are really committed to changing your life and want to dive in deeper or get help with a few different spaces in your home, invest in 4 sessions and let's get stuck right in! The more sessions you can do over a longer period of time, the more far-reaching and sustainable changes will be in your life. Four sessions allows us to work with you on one highly cluttered rom or finish 2 or more mediumly cluttered rooms in your house. It will also allow for a more intensive coaching experience. 

Custom Packages

If you are not sure how many sessions to book upfront or you would like a different arrangement of sessions (longer or shorter) or you may need multiple team members, have a chat to us about your space during a discovery call and we can provide guidance. We have put together these packages because from years of experience they are the most useful and popular arrangements to complete projects but we are also happy to customise a package to suit your needs. All packages are based on a rate of $110 an hour.  



Do you require containers or would you like to make do? We can work with any budget including re-using what containers you already have in your home. Containers and shopping time are not included in the session cost. We have an optional Shopping Service that is charged in 15 minute intervals. It takes into consideration the quantity and difficulty of sourcing everything you need which varies from project to project. Containers are charged at cost if purchased for you during a shopping trip or with a small mark up if taken from our existing 'stock'. 


A deposit is required for any purchases or shopping trips made on your behalf with any balance remaining to be  invoiced after the project (because we can't always predict exactly how many containers you will need until we install them). We only charge for what is used and are able to return anything excess to your needs (at no extra cost). If you would like a quote on shopping time and containers please request.


If you are in our home zone, within 30 km from Christies beach, travel is included. For further afield, our travel costs range from $30 to $80 per session depending on your distance away. We service all of Adelaide and the Adelaide Hills. If you live regionally please ask us for a travel quote.

Terms of Service & FAQ

Every organising company works slightly differently and works out their pricing differently too. We set out our Terms of Service easy to read document for you to review before the service commencement to ensure you know how we can work with you, including charges and our Cancellation Policy. This makes sure everyone is on the same page and knows what to expect. In the meantime, if you have any further questions about how we can help you, please direct your enquiries to Mary on ph 0478 574 333 or email

Let's get  organised!To get started on your organisational journey please click the enquiry box below. We can't wait to help you realise your intentional lifestyle! Whoop!


with The Intentional Organiser

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