In-home decluttering, organisation, styling, advice and coaching.

Any Space Sorted for you


Led by head Professional Organiser Mary Lochert, her or one of her friendly team is on hand to help you transform your space from cluttered, disorganised and uninspired to a space that is clear, calm, functional and authentically you. 

We can declutter, organise and authentically style any room in your home or work space including:

  • Pantry/Kitchen

  • Office/paper work

  • Garage

  • Kid's room

  • Playroom

  • Craft/Creative space

  • Bedroom/Wardrobe

  • Linen Closet


And more...

If your goal is to transform your home from a cluttered and chaotic mess to a clear, calm and organised oasis; The Intentional Organiser is the answer for you!

We can also help you with your very specific project, whether it be:

  • An insta-worthy pantry.

  • Discovering your personal style and capsule wardrobe.

  • Thoughtfully stored photographs, sentimental items & memorabilia.

  • Coaching with chronic disorganisation or trouble 'letting go'. 

  • Organising skills and 'executive functioning hacks' for neurodiverse, carers or people with a disability.

  • Help decluttering, packing the old house OR unpacking and setting up right the new house, when moving house.

  • Your home decluttered and styled for sale or a rental inspection.

  • An inspired and imaginative play space for your children where they can get creative and pack way easily.

  • A zero-waste home set up with systems and habits for sustainable living.

And much more...

Pricing & Availability

Privately funded Sessions

Organising sessions are currently available in 4, 5 and 6 hour blocks on Thursdays and Fridays and are $100 per hour.

Shopping time is charged in 15 minute intervals and containers are charged at cost if purchased for you or with a small mark up if taken from our 'stock'.


Private sessions must be paid for upfront and a deposit may be needed for container shopping. We can work to any budget including re-using what containers you have. Most rooms can be completed in 2 x 5 hour sessions or less but that depends on many factor so please chat to Mary about your individual project for more information.

We currently have a Waiting List and take bookings every 2 months. We are able to accomodate most  projects and have a Cancellation List which can move your session date forward if your project is pressing. 

NDIS funded Sessions

We are an NDIS friendly service with over 80% of our clients using their NDIS funding to access our services.


Mary Lochert is a coach and mentor with over 10 years experience working with carers and people with neurodiversity and disabilities.


Mary is a neuro-diverse herself and managed for most of her adult life undiagnosed by using a range of strategies - minimising clutter, setting up an organised home and 'hacking' her executive functioning challenges with clever solutions. She now mentors other people to live their best life by helping them with decluttering, organisation and teaching life organisation and managing skills to people with Autism, ADHD, disability, chronic illness and overwhelmed carers.

Many NDIS clients ask for 'ongoing' sessions for several months to get on top of clutter and organise the house, room by room, according to their specific needs and challenges. During this time, most individuals report 'life changing' leaps in wellbeing and functioning as they work alongside Mary to build life-long skills and habits. Mary's clients receive help that is holistic, non-judgemental and understanding of individual differences and challenges.


Currently, demand for services is greater than supply so we have about a 2 month waiting list but we are happy to have a 'discovery call' with you to check that our service is the right fit for your needs and sometimes appointments do come up sooner, especially with cancellations.

Terms of service will be set out through a Service Agreement to be completed after the first session.


Sessions are billed at $100 p.h. with travel time for outside our zone (further than 20 minutes drive from Christies Beach). Containers are charged separately and may need to be paid for privately.

We have a minimum of a 4 hour session for those outside our zone and 2 hours for those within it (for NDIS only). Sessions are currently available on Thursdays and Fridays and we open our books every 2 months for new bookings.

Please click on the link below to fill out our enquiry form and book your 'discovery call'. If you prefer not to talk on the phone, communication can be made via text or email.


with The Intentional Organiser