A life transformed

Hi I’m Mary Lochert, Professional Organiser and Intentional Living Coach, Mum to Pearl and our fur-babies Blossom (dog), Ruby  & Ratty (cats).


I love indoor plants, walks on the beach with Blossy, dancing with Pearl in the kitchen and I get a strange thrill out of a well-organised pantry!

People often ask me how I became a professional organiser (PO) and coach. Truth is it has always been in my blood. As a child I used to relish taking care of the family's treasures; carefully wiping and arranging my mum’s antique teacups, alphabetising our novels and lovingly organising our family photo albums.

 With a multi-disciplinary background in the social sciences, including  psychology, mental health, disability and project management - I have been able to roll together a whole lot of complementary skills and expertise to provide a uniquely niched service for those in desperate need of support and guidance in their home.

Added to this is my own personal story of transformation: in 2015 my life took a surprising and stressful detour; I unexpectedly became a solo parent to a eight month old baby. This wasn't where I saw my life going - I was in a emotional, physical and financial mess; wrecked with anxiety and overwhelm. I began to search for a way to pull my life back together and gain a sense of control.

I found inspiration in quite unexpected way, with a small book called ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up’ by Japanese organising guru Marie Kondo.


I looked around me at the messy and cluttered space I inhabited and longed for freedom. I had always been an organised person, but I had never asked myself what I really truly gave me joy in my space or had given myself permission to let go of what no longer served me.

Decluttering my home and getting rid of over 60% of my belongings was a cathartic process that truly was life changing. Underneath all the clutter, I found the real me and endless possibilities opened up in my life.

I want this for you. The life-changing freedom of intentional living.

Together we will remove the clutter, set up a home environment that totally supports and nurtures your ideal lifestyle and unlocks your highest potential. Doing so will help you to live more sustainably and think consciously about what you buy and bring into your home. You will live less out of habit and more out of intention!


  • Bachelors International Studies/Social Science maj. Development Studies. 

  • Two years of psychology major.

  • Cert IV Project Management.

  • Mental Health First Aider.

  • DCSI clearance to work with children and people with a disability.

  • NDIS friendly service: over 10 years experience working with people with a disability and their carers.

I define intentional living as living in line with your authentic self and values. Living simply, sustainably and surrounded by only those things that bring you joy and lift you up to the highest version of yourself.

Most people severely underestimate the impact of their environment on their mental and physical health and their ability to realise their goals in life. Not you. The fact that you are here reading this already sets you apart from the general population - you feel this has the potential to transform your life; so let's do it! Let's shift the clutter, set up the systems, make your home beautifully you and allow you and your family to blossom!


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