Head Organiser & Executive Functioning Coach


Mary has over 6 years experience working as a professional organiser and declutterer and over 12 years experience working with carers and people with disability​. 

She is also late diagnosed with ASD/ADHD and has used organisation and minimalism to overcome executive functioning and sensory processing challenges, and live the intentional lifestyle of her dreams.

She specialises in Executive Functioning coaching for Neurodiverse folk, aesthetic organising, declutter coaching and low-waste living.

* Mary is currently on Maternity Leave but will be returning to work in around March 2022 for southern based in-home services and Virtual Coaching (virtual organisation coaching and executive functioning coaching) 

  • Bachelors International Studies/Social Science maj. Development Studies. 

  • Cert IV Project Management.

  • Mental Health First Aider.

  • National Clearance to work with children and people with a disability.

  • Disability background as a Support Worker (4 years) and Senior Project Manager Disability SA.

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Professional Organiser & Coach

Amanda is a beautiful bubbly personality with over 20 years experience as an Events Manager, a background in therapeutic coaching and a passion for:

 "helping people declutter their homes and minds so they can create and live their dream life"

Amanada enjoys living close to the beach with her cheeky cherub, 3 year old daughter, Annabelle.

Amanda is available from 9am to 5pm Wednesdays and Fridays to help you with your next declutter and organisation project and is a disability and neurodiverse friendly provider.

  • 20 years as an Events Planner 

  • NLP therapist

  • Trained Post-Natal Doula

  • National clearance to work with vulnerable people.



I define intentional living as living in line with your authentic self and values. Living simply, sustainably and surrounded by only those things that bring you joy and lift you up to the highest version of yourself.


Hi I’m Mary Lochert, Director of The Intentional Organiser, Professional Organiser and Executive Functioning Coach, tea drinker, cat lover and old soul!

 I live with my partner Jack, step-daughter Darcy, daughter Pearl and new bubba Marley not too far from the beach. Oh, and I can't forget to mention Blossom (the dog) and Mr. Boy and Ruby (the cats).

I love walk on the beach and the odd cold dip in the sea, my veggie patch and indoor plant collection and I love love my organised jar pantry. For many years I dreamed of a slow simple lifestyle without  clutter, stress and chronic illness and now I am living it! And it all started with decluttering and organisation...

People often ask me how I became a professional organiser (PO) and coach. Truth is it has always been in my blood. As a child I used to relish taking care of the family's treasures; carefully wiping and arranging my mum’s antique teacups, alphabetising our novels and lovingly organising our family photo albums.

Decluttering and organisation has the potential to change your life. My own personal transformation began in 2015 when my life took a surprising and stressful detour; I unexpectedly became a solo parent to my eight month old baby. This wasn't where I saw my life going - I was in an emotional, physical and financial mess; wrecked with anxiety and overwhelm (later on I learned that my undiagnosed ASD/ADHD were also huge contributing factors to my overwhelm but that is another story you can read about here). 


 I began to search for a way to pull my life back together, conquer the overwhelm and gain a sense of control and peace in my life. I found inspiration in quite unexpected way, in a small book called ‘The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up’ by Japanese organising guru Marie Kondo.


I looked around me at the messy, cluttered and uninspiring space I inhabited and longed for freedom. I had always been an organised person, but I had never asked myself what I really truly gave me joy in my space or had given myself permission to let go of what no longer served me. 

Decluttering my home and getting rid of over 60% of my belongings was a cathartic process that truly was life changing. Underneath all the clutter, I found the real me and a journey of healing and progressing towards a life that fully aligned with my needs, values and dreams began.

I want this for you. The life-changing freedom of intentional living.


You don't need to get rid of 60 % of your belongings (unless you want to) but we will transform your space. Together we will remove the clutter, get organised, and set up your home in a way that feels clear, calm and stylishly you.


Getting your space in order allows you to unlock your highest potential. 


People severely underestimate the impact of their space on their mental and physical health and their ability to realise their goals in life. But not you. Simply the fact that you are here reading this already sets you apart from the general populace - you feel somehow that transforming your home has the potential to transform your life; so let's not waste any time, let's do it! Let's shift the clutter, set up the systems, and make your home reflect the beautiful you