Overwhelmed and don't know where to start?

Lacking motivation?

Needing some guidance and accountability?

Why not invest in your own 101 Professional Organisation coaching session and you will receive:

  • the know how - professional organising and styling solutions

  • the accountability - someone supporting you to ensure you actually achieve what you set out to do

  • the motivation - help to set a clear vision and break a big job into achievable step by step tasks

  • the support - holistic and empathetic support to overcome challenges your blocks

  • the plan - a simple step by step Action Plan that is actually achievable and completely tailored to you

With specialisations in decluttering, organisation and workflow, mental health, disability, styling and sustainable living, Mary takes a holistic approach to support her clients. She will help you escape the stress of the 'clutter cycle' to create an authentic and simplified home that reflects your innate style and personality. 

Virtual coaching sessions are conducted via video link on the free Zoom platform or alternatively can be held over the phone. Session times can be run flexibly from the comfort of your own home and international clients can also be accommodated  Through video link Mary is able to see your space and provide real-time solutions based on issues opportunities she can see and all done in your trackie pants with a cup of tea by your side!

Single sessions go for 45 mins and include a follow-up via email or messenger to increase accountability. Sessions include a  written summary with checkable 'actions' , a session recording (if desired) and a mini 'How To' e-resource on the topic of your choice (how to declutter and organise a specific space). Sessions can also be bought in blocks of 3 or 6 to get ongoing support on your projects. 

Choose from 3 focus areas:

  • Declutter and Organise - If you are overwhelmed by clutter, losing things, feeling frustrated with mess and disorganisation; this option is for you. Learn how to 'let go' by finding out about your personal blocks and how to overcome them. Get customised storage solutions and a shopping list of clickable links (where relevant) or how to utilise your existing storage cleverly. Also receive a custom Action Plan and an How to e-resource for a room of your choice

  • The Intentional Wardrobe - If your wardrobe is overflowing but you can't find anything to wear that matches and makes you feel great, this one is for you. Learn how to declutter and organise your wardrobe, find your own personal style and shop your own wardrobe. Get customised storage solutions and a shopping list of clickable links (where relevant) or how to utilise your existing storage cleverly. Also receive a custom Action Plan and an How to Declutter and Organise your wardrobe e-resource.

  • Sustainable Living - If you are worried about Climate Change and plastic pollution, want to be part of the solution but are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to start, book this option. Mary lives an incredibly low waste lifestyle and is an expert on how to practically implement sustainable options and 'zero waste' principles in your life in a way that is realistic to your needs, non-judgemental and respects whatever stage you are at in the sustainable living journey. Mary focuses on progress not perfection. Included a custom Action Plan and an Sustainable Home e-resource.

 101 coaching places limited to one a month. To apply please fill out the Enquiry Form here.