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These fantastic reusable visual toy labels are a must for every toy room and closet.




Children are visual learners and find it difficult to understand and recognise written labels. If your child can't recognise the labels, they will find it hard to locate what they need and to pack up after playtime, leaving you with a big mess!


With visual labels, you child can start learning the skills of organisation, tidying up and independent play, making the home tidier and stress-free for the whole family.


These labels are ideal to set up a toy rotation or storage sytem that will be the envy of every mum on the block. The labels are reusable and will stick to any surface and peel off with the right type of application. 


The labels are made from handcut laminated paper for added durability.



Choose the exact labels you need from over 105 toy categories. You can buy 30 labels, 60 labels or the entire set (105 lablels).


1. Select how many labels you want (30, 60, 0r 105)


2. In the full page view you will see a list of all 105 categories available listed in alphabetical order under two headings; General Toys and Arts and Crafts. Simply copy and paste the label categories you would like into the text box provided OR list the names and/or coresponding numbers you would like.


List up to 30 or 60 categories depending on option selected. Please count your list to ensure you have only listed 30 or 60 label categories. If you make a mistake, we will email you to clarify your order. If the order is incorrect and I am unable to confirm your order within 7 days, the order will be cancelled and fully refunded.  If you would prefer us to email you a checkable list, please contact us.


3. If you would like to make a custom order including categories that aren't listed please let me know in the chat box or email us at Custom labels are $1.00 each.




The best way to attach the labels is by hot glue gun to any suface including plastic, felt, wood or rattan. Please check the glue won't damage your container by testing the glue on the base of the container/shelf first. The labels will attach firmly enough that they are difficult for a young child to remove but are easy enough for an adult. You can also attach the labels with blu-tack, washi tape or clear sticky tape.


The labels are made of laminated paper and are quite durable so long as you don't bend them or expose them to water or excessive sunlight.


Also check out our store for Visual Clothes labels and our printable PDF versions of our visual labels!

Visual Toy Labels

  • General Toys


    1. Action Figures

    2. Animals

    3. Baby Toys (rattles or anything baby specific)

    4. Balls

    5. Barbies

    6. Barbie Clothes

    7. Bath Toys

    8. Bey Blades

    9. Blocks (wooden stacking blocks etc)

    10. Boats

    11. Books

    12. Bricks (interconnecting)

    13. Cars

    14. Car Tracks

    15. Card Games

    16. Collections (natural - shells, rocks, feathers etc)

    17. Cooking (frying pan, utensils, toy food etc.)

    18. Dinosaurs

    19. Dolls

    20. Doll Accessories (highchair, bowls, bottles etc)

    21. Dolls Clothes

    22. Dress ups

    23. Dress up Accessories (glasses, hats, ties etc)

    24. Drs Set

    25. Dump Trucks

    26. Duplo

    27. Electronics

    28. Face Paint

    29. Farm Set (horse, animals, sheds etc)

    30. Figurines (any small hard toys)

    31. Flash Cards

    32. Fluffy Pets (beanies etc, small stuffed animals)

    33. Games (board games etc)

    34. Gardening (seeds, gardening tools etc)

    35. Gem Stones

    36. Hatchimals

    37. Insects

    38. Large Toys (anything large that doesn’t fit into a specific category)

    39. Lego

    40. (my) Little Ponies

    41. LOLs

    42. Magnetic Tiles

    43. Make Up

    44. Marbles

    45. Meccano

    46. Miniature Worlds (felt trees, farms, figurines etc – small imaginative play)

    47. Music (xylophone, maracas etc)

    48. Nerf Guns

    49. Paw Patrol

    50. PJ Masks

    51. Princesses

    52. Puppets

    53. Puzzles

    54. Robots

    55. Role Play (pretending to be adults- iron, cleaning set, phones etc)

    56. Salon (brush, hair dryer, nail polish etc)

    57. Sand pit (toys)

    58. Science

    59. Sea Creatures

    60. Sensory (goo, cloud dough or anything sensory)

    61. Shopkins

    62. Shopping (cash register, trolley, bags, toy food)

    63. Small Bits (small accessories and parts that you want to keep out of reach)

    64. Small Toys (any random small toys that don’t fit into a category – rubix cube, fidget spinners etc)

    65. Softies (stuffed animals)

    66. Sports

    67. Super heroes

    68. Tea Set

    69. Teddies

    70. Tools (play hardware tools)

    71. Toy Food

    72. Train Set

    73. Transformers

    74. Vehicles (helicopters, diggers, fire engines, cars etc)

    75. Water Play

    76. Wooden Toys


    Arts & Crafts


    77. Beading

    78. Cartons (toilet rolls and boxes for making)

    79. Chalk (and dusters)

    80. Colouring in (colouring in supplies or books)

    81. Coloured Card (cardboard sheets)

    82. Completed Art (to label an in-tray or container for completed artwork or work in progress)

    83. Crayons

    84. Craft Bits & Bobs (pom poms, googly eyes etc)

    85. Craft Kits (bead making kits, plaster of paris moulds etc)

    86. Craft Supplies (scissors, glue, bits and bobs)

    87. Fabric & Ribbons

    88. Feathers

    89. Felt

    90. Gel Pens

    91. Jewellery Making

    92. Model Making

    93. Painting (paints, paintbrushes, water holders etc)

    94. Paper

    95. Pencils

    96. Play Dough

    97. Pom Poms

    98. Pop Sticks

    99. Sewing (Sewing kits, cross stitch etc)

    100. Smocks (or aprons to protect clothing)

    101. Stationary

    102. Stickers

    103. Yarn (wool or yarn)

    104. Textas

    105. Threading

  • If there is problem or fault with the labels they can be returned within 30 days. Please email me for a return mailing address. 

    No returns/exchanges for a simple change of mind or mistreatment of the labels.

    They must not be bended, exposed to water, used outdoors or exposed to excessive sunlight.

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