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Body Doubling

At The Intentional Organiser, we strive to provide our clients with innovative ways to get their lives in order.


Our in-home Body Doubling service is unlike anything you’ve heard of before and is the first of its kind that we are aware of. A Body Double Assistant provides external motivation through their mere presence and can work with you to help overcome procrastination and slay your to do lists. 


Body doubling is an amazing concept coined by the ADHD community who noticed the mere presence of another can it helps you get past any avoidant blocks you might have, stay focused on the task and become wildly productive.


We have taken the Body Double concept to the next level by hiring a multi-talented and non-judgemental team who can offer guidance, motivation, accountability and hands-on-help to do together or parallel work when you require it. This is a 'do with or alongside' rather than a 'do for' service.

Let's think creatively about how might a Body Doubler might help you... They can:

- Help you problem-solve, order and prioritise a multi-stepped task (hello executive dysfunction!)

- Unpack those boxes that have been blocking the hallway forever!

 - Distract you with fun and chatter while you do a mundane task like stacking the dishwasher, and they wipe down the bench.

- Get out your work out gear, encourage you to get in your sneakers and go for a walk with you.

- Dial Centrelink and wait on hold for you and then give you the moral support you need to get through that dreaded call......

The opportunities are endless.

Hire us today to get started on that ever mounting to-do list now.

Plans & Pricing

Pick a plan that suits you & book online right away or to have a chat, fill out our enquiry form below

$65 p.h

2 hour minimum session

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